Its the Demigod's time to rise. Will the gods conquer or will they fall?
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 Artemis ~Goddess of Moon~

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Artemis ~Goddess~


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PostSubject: Artemis ~Goddess of Moon~   Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:57 pm

General Information
Name: Artemis.

Nickname: "Mistress of Animals.", "Artemis the Resounding." , "Mistress of Sacrifices.", "Holy Artemis."

Gender: Female.

Body Type: Built, and slightly toned. But curvaceous and slim.

General Appearance: Artemis is an archer, so naturally she has a bow and arrow. Using them as her weapons as well as her savior tools. She mostly uses them for good intentional purposes, not for bad, seeing as how she loves nature, and to protect the ones she cares for. She has long silky, straight silverish type hair that flows with the wind and glows with the moon. Her eyes are a light goldenish color that glows with the oceans. She wears her hair tied back in one single long ponytail. Near the front of her hair, she wears a structure, similar to a crown of flowers, different ones, assorted in an arrangement.

Her white robes long and dangling, hang over her slim figure and show off her curves. Artemis is sufficiently covered, nothing showing besides her face, and her limbs, like her arms, head, feet, maybe one leg. She has a blue garment, or cloth that ties around her waist and acts like a belt for the white, heavenly garb. Her arms and legs are muscular and toned to a certain degree, but slim and perfect.

Personality: She has preserved her strength and nobility; she hates lies and is a stalwart defender of her friends.Most portray her as a tomboy. She is tough and sometimes cold and harsh, distant. But that is around her enemies. She is fiercely strong and protective, more ways than one. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She is sincere and never goes back on her words, especially when making vows or promises. She is gentle and kind, nurturing in a way to all nature and wildlife, children, and life itself. Although in a way she can be considered naive, and innocent, she is clever and honest. Artemis is friendly and welcoming. She is trustworthy, understanding and accepting to lots of things. Open with her heart and her mind. She is the goddess of purity after all.

Age: 17-20

Height: 5'4''-5'8''
Weight: 110-115 lbs.

Likes: Nature, Animals, Fruit, Love, the Moon.

Dislikes: Men, Impurities, Evil.
God Information

Power(s): Regenerative abilities, Immortality, Immunity, Super-strength, Shape-shifting, Healing, Magic. (Pan-dimensional travel- can go back and forth between the human world and the Olympian world.)

Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrow.

Weaknesses: Innocence, sometimes impulsive.

Strengths: Strength, quick wit, fair, can hold her composure.

Bio: Leto at some point was married to Zeus. They had intercourse causing Leto to become pregnant with twins. One a girl named Artemis, and the the other a boy named Apollo. These two twins became the god and goddess of their own fields as well as the sun and the moon. When Artemis was 3 she asked Zeus for ongoing virginity, meaning that it could not be taken away or stolen. In that notion she did not fall in love. She actually quite despised men for their hungry attitudes toward woman, especially their animosity towards sex and "love". Artemis only saw this as lust, she took a vow of virginity and likewise protected anyone who was still a virgin under her servitude. She hadn't a problem with marriage, when the time came she would ask the people whom were leaving to stop by her temple, pay their respects and leave something of their past and then they would be free as they willed. She was strong and kind, and even though could become cold and harsh, she was gentle and there for people. She had a good heart with a protective nature. Now as she rules over as the goddess of the moon, and nature, all purity, she protects the fragile promises and silent vows prayed to her at night of girls and their purity.

Other Information
Type: Olympian.

Family: Zeus (father), Leto (Mother), Athena (sister), Apollo (twin brother).

Role Play Sample:

Fighting:I knew I was surrounded. I swiftly took out my bow and arrow and started to conjure up my magical arrows from an unknown place. These demons just wouldn't die. I had to accept that I might be a lost concept here, something dead in the minds of the humans that praised me. But that didn't matter. All I had to do was win right? So let's win! For the Olympians, for you brother, father, and mother. For everyone at Mount Olympus. As I closed my eyes to concentrate and focus my energy more clearly, more demons emerged from the shadows as I raised my bow silently and then abruptly opening me eyes. It seemed I turned over a new, gaining new energy within my power. It was revitalized, and thus the demons would vanquish. "You evil demons that dare try to step on the accents of purity, vanquish, relinquish, begone and grovel by the shot of my arrow. Die! by the side of my bow." And with that, I called upon the magical arrows stained with poison tips and shot 3 at a times, killing off groups of these demons. A drop of perspiration dripped down my forehead, and soon all of the demons lay lifeless on the barren wasteland. I sighed and wiped my forehead clean with a smile. And as the breeze blew in, I left.

Talking: "Ah hello dearest friends and kin, how is everything going?" I spoke out and smiled as I motioned to them walking over to the table they were huddled over. Always at these gatherings there was food, but never fruit. That is the kind I liked, and all of the gods made fun of me for it. Some meant it, most joked. I had been feeling the full effects of having some weight bear upon my mind, heavy as it was. As soon as I had a moment to myself, my smile dissipated and I sat on the steps to the grand palace of my father, of Mount Olympus. I spoke out loud to myself, my thoughts, resting my head upon my palm. "Why must this world be so cruel? With men such animals, and beasts so vile. Does the world know not of purity anymore? What happened to the beauty and wonders of nature as there used to be? What happens to the wildlife there if they burn it down with these incendiary fires..? I only wish for peace and happiness among the pure assets I've known since I was a child." A sigh could be heard, but then I shook my head and a smile again appeared upon my face. [color=blue] "But what am I but a child compared to my sisters and brother, my father, my mother? The other Olympians? Innocence rules my heart, so shall time heal all wounds present. I should be merry for this celebration, no?" And with that I got up and walked back to the gathering, where I ate food, sang, danced, and smiled the whole night.
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Artemis ~Goddess of Moon~
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