Its the Demigod's time to rise. Will the gods conquer or will they fall?
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 Kai feng warrior of the gods ~humans~

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kai feng

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PostSubject: Kai feng warrior of the gods ~humans~   Sat Mar 06, 2010 6:33 pm

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General Information
Name:Kai Feng



Body Type:Tone

General Appearance:Kai Feng is usually seen wearing a cloak to cover himself from being seen. He is also seen carrying a spear on his back which has strange carvings along the shaft. Underneath his cloak he is seen wearing a silk chinese suit with the character for "Warrior" written upon his back.
Kai's hair is that of a bleached white since this is his natural hair color. He also has green eyes which turn to red when angered. When seeing him for the first time you will see he is as average as any other human. He likes to fit in and not to direct any attention to himself.

Personality:Kai has a large sense of justice instilled into his body. He follows among the path of the gods serving them with all of his ability. He is kind yet stern when time calls upon him to act as such. He does however not a lot of people to come in close with him because of how dedicated he is to his mission to serve/protect the gods.


Likes:Literature,Art,and Stories of the Gods

Dislikes:Death,Suffering,Anyone who speaks blasphemy against the Gods.

Kai originated from a family of warriors who dedicated their lives to become strong enough to serve the Gods if needed. Kai was no exception. From the age of three Kai was tooken into the ranks of the warriors and trained constantly in several forms of martial arts and weapon training. Seeing his abilities rise above the higher ups in his family they believed it was time to send the young Kai Feng to serve his duties in one of the many sectors they protected. So he was sent to New York city waiting upon the time when the God's would call upon his abilities to act as their humble servant.

Other Information:I think you all can guess who this is ^^
Role Play Sample:"So Kai how have things been holding up for you since we sent you here?" said a young man about the same age as Kai. They were talking formally inside one of the vast cafes here in New York. Kai just sipped his tea before taking a second to think before awnsering his friend.
"Well what can I say same old same old. Training everyday and eliminating any threat to the Gods. Though things have been slow here nowadays. Still nothing to complain about since there is a time of peace." Kai simply retorted before taking a sip of his tea once more. He was in a state of contentment but like a predatory animal ready to pounce he was prepared for any task that would be thrown at him.

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Kai feng warrior of the gods ~humans~
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