Its the Demigod's time to rise. Will the gods conquer or will they fall?
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 Poseidon-God of the Seas

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PostSubject: Poseidon-God of the Seas   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:46 pm


General Information
Name: Poseidon- God of the seas

Nickname: Neptune, "Earth Shaker'


Body Type: Human and Perfect

General Appearance: Poseidon is often seen bare chested with only a cloth covering his lower half. His physique is that of a diety which cn simply be described as perfect. He appears as a normal human would look but in its most perfect form. Chistled muscles and abs only adds to his charm. He is commonly seen carrying a spear type weapon that has three prongs known as a trident. He has a rather long beard that goes to the top of his chest.

Poseidon has the ability to change forms. He has been known to take on many different shapes to acquire what he wants. He turned to a stallion to catch Demeter. He has also been known to change into various humans in order to acquire that which he desires.

Personality: Poseidon is seen as a rather calm god who offered calm seas but when angered, ignored or offended was known to tap his trident on the ocean ground causing chaotic sprins, earthquakes, drownings and earthquakes. Though his anger is legendary, he would be known to take pity on those that were his enemies and has been known to shield them from further harm once the fighting has ended. He is easily swawed to adultry when there is a female that he is attracted to and will take on various forms and guises to get what he wants.

Age: Semi-immortal

Height: varies
Weight: varies

Likes: at least three Water, Greeks, Adultry, Apollo

Dislikes: at least three Trojans, Ignored, Offended

god Information

1. Shapeshifting
2. Earthquakes
3. Control of the seas
4. Tsunami's
5. Ability to create springs
6. Able to summon his chariot led by either hippocampus or horses that could walk on water
7. Has the ability to cause mental illness (namely epilepsy)
8. Ability to change the sex of a human. (Poseidon fulfilled the request of Caeneus and changed her into a male warrior)
9.Semi-Immortal unless heavily wounded
10. summon trident

Weapon of choice: Trident

Weakness Adultry

Strengths: Full control of the seas

Poseidon like the major gods was born to Rhea and Chronos. It is believed that he was eaten like their other children, but in actuality he, like Zeus his brother, escaped this horrid fate when Rhea hid him amongst a flock of sheep and fed Chronos a colt instead. He was raised by Telchines and Rhodes and after the defeat of Chronos and the Titans, split the realms into three with his two brothers. Poseidon gained control of the seas.

He and Athena helped found the city of Athens. The contest to decide the patron good of the new city was decided by a display of gifts. Poseidon created a water spring for the people but the water was to salty to be useful and Athena gave the gift of an olive tree. Enraged by this Poseidon cracked his trident so hard onto the ground and created a depression that filled with salt water.

He was sent to the Trojan king with Apollo after offending Zeus. The king had them build great walls around the city and promised them great rewards. The king of Troy then never followed through with his promise so before the Trojan war started, Poseidon sent a monster out to attack the city. When the Trojan war started, Poeidon sided with the greeks and aided the Greeks plan of the Trojan horse by summoning a wave that the Trojan took as a sign that the gift was genuine. After the Greeks success Odyseus never payed tribute to Poseidon aid and thus was punished on his way home. His punishment was made all the worse when Odyseus blinded his son, the cyclops named Polyphemus. Though he was angry at the Trojans but saved a Trojan fleet from the goddess Juno. Though there was believe that he had a hidden agenda of anger at her for interferring in his domain of the seas.

Poseidon is married to the Nymph and Ancient goddess Amphitrite. He has sired many heros during his affairs. Poseidon has had affairs include the human Tyro, His grandaughter Alope, Amymone, Caeneus, the goddess Demeter, and Medusa to name a few. His children were not all humans like Arion the talking horse he sired with Demeter, Triton the merman, Polyphemus the Cyclops, and Oto and Ephialtae the giants. He is believed to be the father of Theseus the greek hero, Pelias and Neleus (twin boys), and Nauplis.

Other Information
Role Play Sample:
Fighting: Poseidon approaches his assailant. Step by step he get closer. Every time his foot makes contact with the ground the earth seems to tremor a bit. In his muscular arms He carries his mighty trident. The seas behind him seem to be in full chaos as if they sense his rage. The massive waves come crashing onto the mecilessly. As each recedes taking with it huge chunks of the earth and leaving nothing depressions that were now filled with sea water. He comes to a stop and simply slams his trident onto the ground. The land shakes violently and begins to give way and split. The created earthquakes power causes surrounding buildings to collapse and the crack in the earth races under the feet of his unknown opponent.

Poseidon watched as his opponent held his ground to the very last moment. Then dodged to his right to escape the oncoming crack. Poseidon took note of not only his quickness but also of his ablity to maintain his balance. This specimans agility was amazing. Each movement showed purpose and had experience behind it. His opponent had obviously seen his share of battle. To bad this time he had the misfortune of going up against a god and this was going to be the last mistake he will ever make. He watched carefully the course he was taking, noting that the man had moved closer and closer to the water. Perfect Poseiden thinks, his opponent obviously had no idea who he was and must have assumed he only had earth powers.

Poseidon was very proud of his disguise, he had copied the look of a surfer that had drowned in the waves earlier in the day since he was planning on checking out this land. It had been centuries since he last left his coral palace under the waves. Though pleasant it had seemed like forever since he seeked out a fair maiden. His wife though beautiful, did not seem to be able to fulfill the thrill that was only achived in a forbidden romance of adultry. The problem though that the female he had choosen was already claimed by this man. He obviously was more skilled then your average human and made Poseidon question if he was a demi-god, not that it mattered to him that much.

He raised his strong arm slowly like if it was feeling resistance. This action caused great confusion in his opponent. The opponent quickly darted his eyes back and forth searching out what exactly was supposed to happen but then a great shadow had overtaken him. He quickly looked back but it was to late to dodge it. There behind him was a massive tidal wave. Poseidon controlled it with great ease and took pleasure in the look of fear that had now over taken the man. The waves came crashing down on top of him, the weight of the water alone were enough to kill a normal man, but not this fine speciman appearantly.

The man struggled and struggled with every inch of power he had left in his remaining limbs. He had dug his heels into the ground and put up one arm to try and shield himself but in the process had broken both his defending arm in multiple places and one of his legs at the knee. On he struggled trying to get at least to the surface. He felt the water recede dragging him out to sea but yet he couldnt resist the pull, he had to worry about getting air first. That is when he realized that he wasnt going anywhere though the water was dragging him back to sea, he made no progress upwards as if the water was flowing downwards and heis very actions was just enough to keep him in place. Then that is when his air ran out and his lungs started taking on water. His limbs started to feel heavy and stop moving and he kept moving downward. His life now ending and he never found out just who his opponent was though now he had gotten a pretty good idea.

Now that the battle was over, Poseidon unsummoned his trident. He watched his opponent drown beneath the waves. Now that his man was gone where did that girl go was what coursed through the sea gods mind. He focused his powers and changed his form again, but this time to the man he had just finished battling. He walked the length of the beach a short distance and was surprised to see her run to him. She embraced him with tears in her eyes and told him how she was so worried about him. He felt the soft skin of this mere mortal and longed to feel all of her. Poseidon looks at her and smiles and says, "That park was nothing for me to handle but I do think I will need a rest. How about we go back to your place." The girl nods in agreement and does not let go of me. Poseidon smirks when she is not looking and thinking how easy this was.
Talking: Poseidon walks into the thrown room of Zeus and walks up to his brother and says, "Ah Brother it has been many moons since last we met. How has that wife of yours been treating you. I mean a Zeus not allowed to get out and have fun, is a very angry Zeus indeed." With thi he gives a playful smack to his brothers shoulder and lets out a great laugh from deep down in his belly.

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PostSubject: Re: Poseidon-God of the Seas   Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:24 pm

'fed cronos a colt instead' you mean a Colt as in the handgun? I don't think they existed back then
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PostSubject: Re: Poseidon-God of the Seas   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:07 pm

Colt is a name of a baby horse.
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PostSubject: Re: Poseidon-God of the Seas   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:38 pm

oh, anyway, approved
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PostSubject: Re: Poseidon-God of the Seas   

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Poseidon-God of the Seas
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